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about flavours revived

Behind the revival of flavours stands Polona Janežič, an archaeologist and business organiser in the hospitality and tourism industry. It is not so unusual that I revive forgotten tastes. I have always loved to eat, especially well, and I have always been interested in history, mostly the daily life of people in past eras and the dishes they gathered around. I base my work on my knowledge of archaeological, ethnological and culinary heritage. The choice of my education was not entirely deliberate, well, archaeology yes, but certainly not cookery. When I was finishing my first studies,  I continued my studies out of necessity and enrolled in Hospitality and Tourism. In the end, it turned out that this profession also suits me, although not in a very classical way. I had already developed a curiosity about culinary heritage during my studies, and I discovered my passion by realising an interesting event about historical food in the capital. My career path has taken me from field to museum archaeologist and from assistant chef to head chef in a medieval restaurant in Denmark, where we prepared dishes based on preserved medieval recipes. The Corona period allowed (or forced) me to explore and develop my undiscovered talents and, as a result, I have spent the last few years presenting archaeological, ethnological and culinary heritage through photography. You can meet me at various events, where I prepare catering, workshops and I also develop historical menus, which I prepare as part of various projects.


Write to me at or contact me via social networks.

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