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We offer


- cooperation and added value to the offers of travel agencies 

- preparation of historical menus for restaurants 

unique culinary workshops or courses

- small catering events linked to culinary heritage

- assistance in the organisation of culinary heritage events and other history-related events 

- writing articles on food in the past

- special dinners in your home


We have selected a wide range of photographies representing food at different times in our past. These are main periods that we are most skilled in researching and presenting and from which you can choose as well. The photographies consist of replicas of utensils and objects from different periods, and dishes made from ingredients that were presumably known in those periods. The dishes are based on cooking technology, utensils, environmental studies, data from archaeological excavations, data on preserved animal and plant remains, and dna analyses of human skeletons, which are a good source of information on how people ate in certain periods. Where possible, dishes are also prepared on the basis of information preserved in written sources and cookbooks. All photographies are the author's own work.

Let these photos bring you closer to the cuisine of people in different periods and make you think about life in the past millennia.  Click on each photo to reveal some details about the dish itself.


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